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Nailed It Disc Golf is moving to Minnesota!

Exciting news for Nailed It Disc Golf! We are moving from Central Wisconsin to the Minneapolis area! While I will still be operating out of the house for the time being so not much will change in the time being. There are plans for the future for that to change! What this means is while we are moving I won't be able to ship out your orders. What this does mean is that orders placed on June 17th at Noon Central through June 24th orders will not be shipping in the normal quick manner. I'm hoping for normal operations to continue on the 27th of June and it may take a couple days to get caught up again.

MVP preorders will still go out on time, and the MVP release on the 24th will still happen at the normally scheduled midnight Eastern the morning of the 24th! There will just be a small delay on getting those orders shipped.

Thank you everyone for all of your support and we will see you in Minnesota!

-Brad Trittin

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