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2021 Shipping Increase

Hello Friends,

Effective October 1st I will be raising our $1 flat rate shipping to $2 flat rate shipping with the same free shipping at $70. This is due to USPS price increases and increases in every shipping material that I use. With the "temporary" increase that USPS announced starting early October we will see an increase of about 20% in postage since I went to $1 flat rate. This also coincides with an increase of about 30% for mailers, about 50% for cardboard boxes, and a 100% increase in cost for cardboard pads.

This is not a decision I take lightly as I enjoy allowing everyone to hit the nearest tree in the most economical way possible. Unfortunately it is a decision I must make in order to ensure that Nailed It is here to encourage victory over our tree nemesis. I hope you all will understand this decision and continues to support us.

Thank you everyone!
Brad Trittin
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