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About Us

Nailed It! Disc Golf was founded in April 2017 on a whim by Brad and Jenna Trittin. We had been talking about owning our own business at some point in our lives, but figured it wouldn’t be a reality for the next 5 to 10 years. Brad wanted to open a card/board game shop and Jenna was leaning more towards a coffee shop.

About three years ago we were introduced to disc golf by good friends and it has become an integral part of our lives. Over the last year, we started to consider the idea of a disc golf retail store, but we were unsure if the Central Wisconsin area would be conducive to that kind of business. One day, in mid-April, while we were out walking the dogs we started brainstorming business names for a disc golf shop. Brad suggested Parked It! Disc Golf, but it just sounded off. We started trying to think of common disc golf terminology. Then it hit us, Nailed It! Disc Golf. It’s such a frequent saying and everyone hits trees while they’re out playing. We decided that the smartest way to get started was through online retailing. Within a week Brad was researching options for a website up and filing papers with the state to make us an official business, so here we are!

We hope to bring disc golfers awesome gear and eventually own a local retail store. Let’s embark on this journey together and see where it takes us! If there are any other products you’d like to see or you have any suggestions, please contact us at or by using our Contact Us page.