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Westside Discs Swan 1 Reborn - All BT

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Westside Discs' Description:

The Swan 1 was Westside's original putter and it would fly straight for anyone right off the shelf. The Swan 1 was designed to give lower arm speeds a straighter putting line.

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Swan 1 Reborn Specs
Speed Glide Turn Fade
3 3 -2.5 0
Stability: Understable
Weights: Max 176g
Rim Width: 11mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Laser straight putter - really only does one thing.

From just outside circle or inside this putter is a laser beam. point and shoot.

it has a very similar hand feel to the westside maiden - its a thinner, flatter putter that is easier to grip. they feel great in my hands unlike my aviars which have a huge rim that is almost impossible to get a sturdy grip on.

This disc isn't great for anything but putting or outside the circle approach shots. If thrown as a driver it will turn over hard. even thrown on huge hyzer it will flip up to flat and then still turn over, but won't crash and burn. it still maintains a smooth flight. maybe could work for some nice turning shots, but I'd stick with putting.

Casey Luke
My new putter

Absolutely love this disc. It very quickly earned a permanent spot in my bag. It feels good in the hand, not too thin not too thick, and flies beautifully. I haven't tried it with drives or power throws, but for putting, it's an amazing disc.