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Trilogy Brands Plastic Overview

We continue our exploration of different plastic types today with the Trilogy plastics! They have a wonderful line up to help you find the exact right plastic for the weather and touch you are looking for. First let’s start off with a short explanation of who Trilogy is.


Trilogy is a slang for Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs. These three companies have banded together to help lower costs and distribute their discs worldwide. They all use the same plastic even though they name the plastics differently. This will help explain why it seems like we are talking about so many different plastics in each paragraph! Without further ado let’s move on to their baseline plastic.

Latitude 64 Retro Burst Compass

First up is their base line entry plastic called Prime by Dynamic Discs, Retro by Latitude 64, and Origio by Westside Discs. It is their cheapest plastic which makes it great for beginners but it is also their least durable. It tends to be on the stiffer side with a medium to low amount of grip. I find it to work really well on a disc you want to wear in quickly so that it will become more understable. Typically, players start to learn the game with plastics like this and then graduate to more premium plastics when they gain more confidence in themselves and their love for the sport grow. One awesome thing about Prime is that it is available in burst which makes your discs look extra awesome!

Westside Discs BT Hard Burst Harp

Next up we have their premium baseline plastic that is only made for putters! It is called Classic by Dynamic Discs, Zero by Latitude 64, and BT by Westside Discs. It is a chalkier plastic that gives you extra grip when putting to help you throw on target and to grab the chains when it gets there! It is available in a wide range of stiffness. Typically, you will see Soft, Medium, and Hard but Dynamic Discs has their own way of naming them by calling Hard simply “Classic”, Medium is name “Classic Blend”, while soft retains the soft in its name. While the stiffness of classic is player preference you will notice that the softer the blend the more grip you have. And to top off an already amazing plastic is that they are also available in Burst to really step up how awesome your putts look!

Westside Discs First Run VIP War Horse

The first premium plastic for the Trilogy brands is their translucent plastic called Lucid by Dynamic Discs, Opto by Latitude 64, and VIP by Westside Discs! It tends to be a bit stiffer and cause the disc to be a touch more overstable than the other premium plastics. Some of them even have sparkles to really stand out and has an “Air” counterpart where is it molded with microbubbles to shed weight for those you prefer much lighter discs!

Westside Discs Tournament Burst Destiny

The next premium plastic is gummier and more flexible and is called Fuzion by Dynamic Discs, Gold by Latitude 64, and Tournament by Westside Discs! It is an opaque blend that is available as bursts as well. You will typically see discs in this plastic be more understable than their premium counterparts. This is the premium plastic you are looking for from Trilogy if you need extra grip from your plastic.

Dynamic Discs Moonshine Truth

The last premium plastic is specially made for finding trees in the dark. It is called Moonshine by all three companies! It’s an awesome disc that is molded to be slightly more overstable than the Lucid/Opto/VIP counterparts and has this amazing property to glow in the dark! This is the most durable plastic you will find in the Trilogy line up.

Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Defender

 This next plastic is special in that it creates very unique discs! It is called BioFuzion by Dynamic Discs, Recycled by Latitude 64, and Recycled by Westside Discs. It is created by recycling discs that had cosmetic flaws and creating new unique discs! You may notice some of these have small cosmetic flaws but this will not affect the flight of the disc.

Latitude 64 First Run Opto-G Fuji

The last plastic is actually a combination between Opto and Gold line plastic. This is called Opto-G and is only available from Latitude 64. It features the durable Opto plastic as the core of the disc with the rim of the disc being the bright opaque Gold plastic. This creates unique, amazing looking discs! This is only available in select molds.

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