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MVP Tesla - Proton

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MVP's Description:

The Tesla's responsive design balances a subtle turn and reliable fade, while a pronounced glide and forward finish gain extra distance. The Tesla extends high power or headwind lines and has plenty of bite to fade back reliably and reduce lateral drift. The Tesla can be considered the big brother to our acclaimed Volt fairway driver. Choose the Tesla for long-range pinpoint accuracy.

Note: If you are looking for Fission check HERE!

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MVP's Overmold Technology:

The Overmold technology adds weight to the outside of the rim to increase rotational inertia. For more information please visit MVP's website.

Tesla Specs
Speed Glide Turn Fade
9 5 -1 2
Stability: Stable-Overstable
Weights: 135g-175g
Rim Width: 18.5mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kevin Powell

Fast shipping, great price, perfect discs


Very dependable driver. It is my go-to for shots that require 350'-400' of distance. Predictably and consistently overstable driver. Fantastic when partner with an Axiom Insanity so you can cover any direction of flight required left to right.

Thrown on Hyzer, it will push forward, thrown flat it'll flip and fly straight before giving a predictable dump, thrown on anhyzer it will hold that line an fight out toward the end of the flight.

My favorite driver in my bag aside from the Insanity.


This is the best disc I’ve thrown in a long time. I have been the worst when it comes to consistency of my forehand. I have now played multiple rounds forehanding this Tesla and have been on point every time. I’m now ordering all kinds of MVP discs and I’m loving them. But the Tesla seems to be the best one so far. It’s also a great backhand disc. Especially in the Neutron where as the Proton seems a bit more stable. I highly recommend Nailed It. They always have the quickest shipping and the best customer service!