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MVP, Axiom, and Streamline Plastics and Overview

Each company has a wide array of plastics that they make their discs from. Some are specialized for certain weather, for example: Frost line from Latitude 64 was crafted with winter golf in mind. Each plastic will offer a subtle difference in grip, look, and flight. Depending on what your goal is for your next throw your choice in plastic can vary just as much as your choice in mold. For me I will grab a premium plastic putter for up-shots that I want to slide up to the basket. While if I need the disc to really sit and stop near where I throw it I will use a baseline plastic as they are softer and more tactile. Let's start with what makes MVP unique in the disc golf world!

Let's start with a quick overview of MVP's Overmold technology. They start each disc by molding the core of each disc. Some molds use the same core and then the stability is tweaked when they take the core and then do a second injection process to mold the overmold onto the core creating a your disc golf disc! This allows them to push as much weight as possible as far as possible to the outside of the disc to give the disc more gyroscopic force while spinning. What this does is allows the disc to maintain a more straight flight. You can really notice this when driving with putters! An added benefit is that the overmold is extremely dense and wears quite slowly. This gives you some of the longest lasting discs on the market!

The other interesting thing about MVP is how the three brands fit together. MVP is the flagship brand and every MVP disc will have a black overmold rim. Axiom is the fun cousin to MVP that has all the cool colors! Each Axiom mold is closely related to an MVP mold. They typically start out as a seasoned version of an MVP mold but with awesome color combinations! Streamline discs is MVP's single mold brand that has a growing line up. With the single molding process MVP is able to lower the prices on Streamline discs to be around the price of an X-out from other molds while proving always amazing triple stamps to further increase the value to you!

MVP Anode Electron MediumLet's move on to MVP's only baseline plastic. Electron is a premium baseline plastic in that it has a more grippy feel and better durability than Innova's DX plastic or Dynamic's Prime plastic. It is most similar to Trilogy's Classic/Opto/Zero plastic. It is ideal for grabbing onto the chains and dropping in the basket. If you putt with a premium plastic you may notice that your putts will penetrate into the chains more before slowing down. This increases your chances of the disc going through the chains and spitting out the back or hitting the post and bouncing back out. This is why most disc golfers prefer a baseline plastic like Electron for putting because it offers added durability and tackiness to hold on! Electron is offered in a range of stiffness to fit every preference. Electron typically causes a disc to be more understable with added glide. For example, the Envy in a premium plastic is a reliable straight to gentle fade putter for driving. In Electron it becomes a very straight putter with minimal fade.

Axiom Envy EclipseNext up is MVP's glow plastic, Eclipse! Now that days are short we are officially in glow disc golf season. This is typically played with lights on the baskets and a disc that has a glow material that you can charge with a flash light or UV light. This allows you to find all the trees on the course at night! People typically pair a glow disc with taped on LED lights on the bottom of the flight plate. MVP's Eclipse plastic has a translucent core to allow the use of lights that you may see if the disc lands flat or upside down! And recently released Eclipse on the Axiom Envy has a color rim with a glow core! Eclipse tends to make the disc slightly more overstable than its flight numbers suggest. It can also be found in a soft variation in some putters.

MVP Volt Eclipse

MVP Tesla FissionMVP's light weight option is what they call their Fission plastic. It allows you to find discs down to about 135g in the Tesla and Photon and into the 150g class in the Volt. It features a very grippy, and yet thin core. This allows them to push most of the weight of the disc to the rims to enhance their trademarked Gyro effect. Fission discs tend to be more understable than their premium counterparts but not as out right flippy as other brands light weight discs have become known for. This means you can control a 140g disc out past 400'! I personally have also played rounds in the rain during a tournament where this plastic was the only thing I could throw outside of baseline plastics.

MVP Anode Neutron
Neutron is MVP's first plastic. It is an opaque, bright plastic that is similar to Innova's Star plastic. It provides a very reliable flight that is true to the flight numbers of the mold. It is found in the middle ground between Proton and Plasma plastics. Proving good grip but not the best while giving you the middle point on stability. This is the plastic you will typically see new molds first released in.

MVP Anode Proton SoftProton is a translucent plastic with the highest durability. It tends to be the stiffest plastic and will typically cause the disc to fly slightly more overstable than its Neutron counterparts. It has the lowest grip of the premium plastics but in my personal experience I don't notice much difference in grip between Neutron and Proton. It can also be found in soft variations in putters or with sparkles!



Axiom Crave PlasmaPlasma is MVP's best looking plastic in our opinion. It has a metallic sheen that can be swirly or withsparkles! It is semi-gummy and provides a slightly more understable flight than Neutron and because it has slightly more dome it will give you a touch more glide than other premium plastics. Some Plasma discs will even have color-shift properties! Plasma is a favorite here at Nailed It!

Close up of swirl in Plasma plasticClose up of sparkles in Plasma plastic

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  • Having the page describing the different MVP plastics is really helpful and is a useful tool in my decision making process for what to buy next. Great idea!!

    Scott Walker

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