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Preorder Instructions:

In the special instructions at checkout please provide a general color guideline (IE: bright colors, dark colors) so we can get a disc to you that you'll fall in love with at first sight! We will do our best to honor requests for color preferences only.

Axiom - Eclipse™ Glow Crave - Halloween Special Edition

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a Special Spooky Edition from Axiom!  The tradition continues for 2019 with a beautiful Eclipse™ Glow Crave featuring a triple-foil stamp by ZAM.  Mirroring the classic symmetrical vibe found in Axiom artwork, we have a spooky skeleton going through the motions of high-velocity eternal arm removal.  The reach back and pull-through are on point, but throwing your arm off is just poor form. Cobwebs round out the design for a nice balance of old and new.  All cores are Eclipse Glow Proton, as per usual for Axiom’s take on Eclipse, along with a mix of standard Axiom rim colors. Sleeping on this one would be a surefire seven holes of bad luck, so get your order in today!

Axiom - Prism Neutron Pyro - Stock

Pyros have been burning down fairways and quickly finding a place in bags this season, and it is now time for the stock Prism Neutron Pyro! The Prism Neutron Pyro made its debut as a part of the 2019 MVP Circuit Challenge and gave Axiom fans their first high stability midrange. The Prism Neutron Pyro has the grip and feel of Neutron plastic and the extremely durable Prism Rim. The stock triple-foil stamp combines the old and the new from Axiom Discs with influences from both Neutron and Proton Prism stock stamps morphed into one head-turning amalgamation. To keep up with the hottest Axiom disc of 2019, get the stock run Prism Neutron Pyro!  

Doc Volt Short Sleeve T-Shirt  (Heather Grey)

Doc Volt tees are here! The MVP Doc Volt short sleeve tee is a 4.3 oz. CVC Cotton (60/40 cotton/polyester) shirt with design by MVP Guest Artist Skulboy!

To see the differences in each plastic please visit our Plastic Types page!

Overmold Technology:

The Overmold technology adds weight to the outside of the rim to increase rotational inertia. For more information please visit MVP's website.

Customer Reviews

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MVP pre release disc

The service was fast and painless. The disc arrived in a secure package. I requested a less abundant or rare color and I cannot verify if they fulfilled that request accuratly but I will have to believe them. The only small thing i would request is, whatever is written on the documentation, ensure it it legible. There was something written on the printed order form on the inside of the package but I was not able to read it all. I will be ordering more again.


MVP Release Preorders


MVP Release Preorders

Premium Pilots

I have been waiting for premium plastic Pilots since I first picked up the electron ones. These are great. Fly just as I’ve come to expect from this mold. Hold pretty much any line you put them on. The neutron does have a touch more fade at the end of its flight, but we will see how they beat in. Again the team at Nailed It delivered with excellent service on these.


Sent 2 ugly green colors

Hi William, As we went over in emails. You requested 'One white, one black.. if either aren’t available something with swirl in it.. but nothing pink or pink like.. thanks Bill V' I tried my best to get as much swirly in your discs as we possible could without getting anything pink or pink like and in doing so I picked two discs of similar color without noticing. The good news is one is a transitional that is unique in color from the over 100 Entropys that we have received. We filled your preorder as requested and regret that you don't like them. Best Wishes, Brad Trittin