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Preorders are expected to start shipping early to mid February. All preorders with other items will ship when all items are available.

Preorder Instructions:

You will NOT receive a disc that looks like the picture! Weight requests for special edition discs are not guaranteed! In the special instructions at checkout please provide a general color guideline (IE: bright colors, dark colors) so we can get a disc to you that you'll fall in love with at first sight! We will do our best to honor requests for color preferences. If you preorder multiple releases together they will ship when everything is in stock!

Axiom - Hex - Eclipse - Leapin’ Lizottl’ Team Series Disc

Simon’s first Team Series disc with us had to be something he truly loved, we thought it might be a long process. We thought wrong! It was love at first throw for Simon and the Eclipse Hex, and we are beyond excited to bring this amazing midrange to GYROnauts everywhere. Depicting an extremely excited axolotl, the Leapin’ Liztottl’ is sure to be a fan favorite stamp - adorable levels are off the charts, straight from the mind of Mike Inscho! The Eclipse Hex is the laser straight midrange you’ve been looking for. With enough stability to handle power and torque without turning over, and the ability to shape some beautiful anhyzer lines as well, the Eclipse Hex is ready to carve any fairway you come across - including at night thanks to our industry leading Eclipse glow plastic! Celebrate one of the biggest moves in disc golf history with one of the best midranges on the market - take the leap with us!

Axiom - Envy - Fission - SE

In the cyber future of DoubleRam Design, the allure of improvement is strong. But don’t be too envious, as Fission has finally been brought to Axiom’s Envy! This jaw dropping triple-foil stamp beckons you into the future. It’ll look stunning on your wall, but can you resist the allure of throwing it? We wouldn’t blame you one bit as these discs fly amazingly well, take your driving putter game up a notch with the Fission Envy SE - are you ready to join the collective?

MVP - Zenith - Neutron - Twisty James Team Series Disc

James Conrad’s Twisty James Zenith is now available via wholesale! The control distance driver designed by James Conrad himself is a reliable companion for accurate distance. Designed to complement the stability of James’ Photons, the Neutron Zenith is reliably stable for players of all arm speeds - ranging from a dependable wind fighter or a laser-straight bomber, depending on arm speed. Twisty James is a delightful stamp from the wickedly talented DoubleRam Design, grab yours and support James Conrad’s tour!

MVP - Terra - Electron - SE

The next James Conrad SE is here, and it’s from one of the most revered artists in the game - John Dorn! Whether James is on Earth or a planet far away, we know one thing to be true - he’s going to huck with style! Depicting a controlled rip from the 2021 World Champ, this triple-foil SE is going to look tremendous either on your wall on carving up fairways. Pick up the reliably stable Electron Terra and show your support for James Conrad at the same time!

To see the differences in each plastic please visit our Plastic Types page!

Overmold Technology:

The Overmold technology adds weight to the outside of the rim to increase rotational inertia. For more information please visit MVP's website.

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Pobody's nerfect
Hit or miss

Ummm… not a big fan of the art on the envy special edition prism. The colors on these prisms, while they look cool, aren’t especially easy to find. I really love the neutron soft putters I ordered— they rule!

Kyle Gordon
Ugly flier

The ugliest disc I’ve ever seen, throws nice though

Aaron Neilly

Pre-ordered my discs from them they shipped immediately and I got them before my local store had them, never a worry when purchasing from them

Richard Hess

It came fast and in good condition. Looking forward to ordering more. I have one disc in the bunch that didnt ship early before the preorders and that would be the only thing i would change

Zach Farmer
Trust Nailed It for pre-orders

Nailed It sent me exactly the disc I would have picked for myself! It's clear they took my color preferences into account when selecting a disc for me. As always, great service.
The disc looks beautiful! I expected it to fly similar to a Latitude 64 Claymore, but out of the box it has a touch more high speed stability and a bit less glide. Pretty much a dead straight flyer. Excited to see how it beats in.