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MVP Photon - Neutron

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MVP's Description:

The Photon is best described as a longer Tesla, with power throwers able to achieve some flight extending turn, and all throwers getting a reliable fade. The Photon is naturally headwind resistant but average power throwers can use a headwind to emulate those extended flights of high power throwers.

To see the differences in each plastic please visit our Plastic Types page!

MVP's Overmold Technology:

The Overmold technology adds weight to the outside of the rim to increase rotational inertia. For more information please visit MVP's website.


Photon Specs
Speed Glide Turn Fade
11 5 -1 2.5
Stability: Stable-Overstable
Weights: 135g-175g
Rim Width: 21mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Steven Costanzo
Great Service

Excellent info on discs and good deals

D northington
Mvp Photon

The PHOTON gave me a little more distance! But I am looking for and need one to go 50' farther on hole #3

Jason Wurst
Beautiful disc, beautiful service.

Always go to nailed it to find beautiful discs. The photon I received was no exception. Pictures matched what I received, great communication throughout and fast shipping.


MVP Photon

John LaChance
MVP Photon

I've been playing for nearly a year, starting with sporadic outings with my son in the late summer and autumn last year. Since the start of this year I've become interested in playing more, and in the last 3 months have made significant progress from being a 15-25 over par player for our 22 hole local course to my current low single digit over par average now, including a 1 over round yesterday with 3 bogeys and 2 birdies, primarily as a RHFH player. The MVP Photon fits my game perfectly, as do the other MVP, Axiom, and Prodigy [and DD Moonshine Justice] discs in my bag, as my recent distance, accuracy, and shot shaping improvements call for very specific discs for very specific shots now. In other words, I didn't reach even the shortest holes with my inconsistent drives at the beginning of this year, so the different flight characteristics of different discs didn't mean a lot to me then. Now my low, flex drives that incorporate my athletic body more fully (baseball, gymnastics, cross fit background) are consistently in the 350-400 foot range with high speed drivers. The Photon gives me coverage of a slightly less distance bracket than the furthest distance discs I use (Teleport, Tantrum, Mayhem, Octane), although I overthrew a hole yesterday with the Photon by 75 feet that I thought was a match for the disc. To be honest, my game has improved a lot in a short time and is still in flux as the improvements are still coming. I played a round with a former pro a month ago who made helpful suggestions, one of which has me throwing low lines versus big air shots. It's making a positive difference and as my form is also smoothing out and I'm learning to play within myself more now (thanks, Philo) instead of coming out of my shoes and getting my arm ahead of the rest of my body, I probably haven't reached homeostasis in my throwing yet. What I'm saying is my game hasn't quite settled to the point where I know exactly what to expect from each disc, but the more I play the closer I'm getting to that knowledge. So, even though I don't know precisely where the MVP Photon will fit into my shot selection lineup long term as my game evolves, I do know I love its flight for the limited throws I've made with it so far and I know it will eventually establish itself for a specific distance range and shot shape, in accordance with conditions. I can say that I love the MVP overmold discs' consistency in various wind conditions. The lower lines with better form help with that, too, but these MVP discs are the bomb.