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MVP Dimension - Neutron

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MVP's Description:

The Dimension balances overstable resistance to turn while allowing a full flight before fade. Strong throwers will see only the smallest turnover at high speeds or into headwinds. Average throwers will get all the overstability they desire from this speed class in the Dimension. With its ultra fast speed and glide-promoting dome, the Dimension’s reliable fade helps pinpoint your target from a great distance.

To see the differences in each plastic please visit our Plastic Types page!

MVP's Overmold Technology:

The Overmold technology adds weight to the outside of the rim to increase rotational inertia. For more information please visit MVP's website.


Dimension Specs
Speed Glide Turn Fade
14.5 5 0 3
Stability: Stable-Overstable
Weights: 170g-175g
Rim Width: 24.5mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Skipper Lumley

Great disc for headwind forehands

Newer Discs not the Same.

I absolutely loved the old dimensions without the numbers on the disc. These newer ones are WAY too flat and has killed all the turn and glide. They throw alot like a Limit. I've had to switch to Teleports, which are also flatter now and more overstable than before. That and hoarding the older dimensions and deleriums.

Vuthy Kuon
Not as good as previous ones :(

I bought red MVP Dimensions before and LOVED them. This light purple one just didn’t fly the same. Not reliable. Sorry