Latitude 64 Diamond - Opto

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Diamond Specs
Speed Glide Turn Fade
8 6 -3 1
Stability: Understable
Weights: Max 175g
Rim Width: 18mm

Latitude 64's Description:

Diamond Light is the choice of disc for beginners, children, and people who don't throw very far. It is produced only in weights between 140g-159g. which makes it easy to throw and control. It has an understable flight path with good glide and small fade.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Diamonds are a fairway's best friend!

I have been bagging Opto Diamonds since I resumed my disc golf hobby in 2020. They are the perfect under stable control driver for finesse tee shots and fairway drives - hitting tight wooded lines and narrow and/or winding fairways. If you are struggling with drives that fade off the fairway, I would recommend a Diamond. Just give it a slight anhyzer release and watch it "s" curve it's way down the fairway I particularly love the "170+" carat weight class for a little more distance on straight shots.

Brett Gooding
Great beginner disc!

This thing really holds the line and doesnt require a ton of arm speed.

Brian Tungate

Latitude 64 Diamond - Opto

Feels Great

First time with the opto plastic from Lat 64 and it feels great in hand.

Easy to throw for beginners and veterans

This disc is amazing and can be a staple in the bag for any player. For beginners its a great driver to get some distance and for long time players it can be great for long turn overs or even rollers. Great feel, great flight and highly recommend.