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Axiom Hex - Total Eclipse - Halloween Lizottl' - Skeleton Stamp

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Axiom's Description:

*NOTE: Colors listed are of the GLOW of the disc!*

A double feature of World Champions is great, but it can’t be complete without a sweet treat! Mike Inscho and Simon Lizotte are back for a sequel to the hottest disc of the year, this time with a few delightfully spooky twists! Not only have we decided to kick things into overdrive with the Total Eclipse Hex - featuring both color glow cores (Blue, Aqua, White, Purple) and rims (Blue, Aqua, White, Purple, Green) - we also have four new, adorable stamp variations featuring the trick-or-treating Leapin’ Lizottl’!

Grab your favorite or collect the whole set, but don’t wait too long, lest they vanish like a ghost right before your eyes!

To see the differences in each plastic please visit our Plastic Types page!

Axiom's Overmold Technology:

The Overmold technology adds weight to the outside of the rim to increase rotational inertia. For more information please visit Axiom's website.

Hex Specs
Speed Glide Turn Fade
5 5
-1 1
Stability: Straight-Stable
Weights: 165g-179g
Rim Width: 13mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Johnny S
Great flight, similar stability to neutron hex

Great plastic feel and similar stability to neutron hex. Dead straight and tiny fade at the end.

Kyle Buracchi

Best mix in the game


Love the feel of the eclipse plastic. I got purple with a blue rim. Super bright. I love playing at night so much fun!!! The purple and blue looks really cool, flying at night. Everyone should play at night, it's never crowded. Lol