Axiom Hex - Neutron
Axiom Hex - Neutron

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Hex Specs
Speed Glide Turn Fade
5 5
-1 1
Stability: Straight-Stable
Weights: 165g-179g
Rim Width: 13mm

Axiom's Description:

Mesmerizingly straight, the Hex is the newest midrange from Axiom Discs. With flight numbers of 5/5/-1/1, the Hex will find a place in anyone’s bag as a versatile and reliably straight midrange. At the highest arm speeds, the Hex will produce slightly understable lines from flat, but the 1 fade keeps it from flipping over completely. For lower arm speeds, the Hex has enough turn to make shaping lines a breeze. If you are looking for control in the woods, or simply a versatile line shaper, the Hex is the midrange for you. Available in Neutron plastic to start, add some magic to your game with the Hex!

To see the differences in each plastic please visit our Plastic Types page!

Axiom's Overmold Technology:

The Overmold technology adds weight to the outside of the rim to increase rotational inertia. For more information please visit Axiom's website.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Randy Barnhart

Axiom Hex - Neutron

Alexander Brack
Amazing disc

Ships a bit more stable than advertised but beats in to flight numbers. (400+ ft arm at very high elevation) Thrown flat (once beat-in) it drifts right a bit but comes out and ends up straight on to slight right of release. Neutron plastic is beautiful, durable, stiff. Disc is great for shaping lines, flies something like a Buzzz but more glide.

Andy Newman
Straight Flyer With Great Glide & Minimal Fade

Got this disc to either replace my Buzzz or bridge the gap between my Buzzz and Emac Truth. For reference, I get about 380 feet of max distance. For me, the Buzzz is straight for about 250-275 with a decent finish left at the end of the flight, and the Emac Truth is straight for 300-315 with less finish and much more glide. The hex is in between in terms of glide and distance, and has even less fade then the Truth. Now all 3 are in my bag. For wooded tunnel shots and straight open shots inside 300 that don't need much fade, the Hex is a great option. Plus the feel in the hand is fantastic. Great disc.

Tyler McCurley
Amazing Midrange

The hex flies beautifully! It's my favorite mid.

Captain Awesome
My new favorite mid

I absolutely love this disc. It flies unbelievably straight, but isn’t too flippy, so you can crank it without having to worry about it turning over into the ground. The profile is just slightly smaller than my Buzzz (in z plastic). I feel like the edge tapers a bit better too, making the Hex feel more comfortable in my hand. I’m also a huge fan of the neutron plastic from MVP/Axiom, so I prefer both the shape and plastic of the Hex over the Buzzz. The flight characteristics are almost identical however, so it already feels right at home in my bag.

A dead straight mid in neutron plastic that flies great both backhand and forehand? Yes please! I never cared much for the old Axis and Tangent mids from MVP. This thing however, is perfection.