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Premium Mystery Disc

Regular price $15.00


Random premium plastic mystery disc for add-on to existing orders! Guaranteed Nailed It value of at least $15.99!

Note: No returns or exchanges allowed on Mystery Discs.

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Customer Reviews

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Brian Kuehn
There are better premium disc choices

I have ordered a premium mystery disc several times. They have usually been a fun surprise, and were in lighter weights (mirroring my order preference). This time I got a buzzz... a great disc but I already had/have a least a dozen

J Knott
Nice disc but…

I honestly think it was a nice disc but I don’t want putters in my mystery boxes. Most people have their preferred putters but are always willing to try out drivers and mids.

joseph Dunn
Trash disc

Gave me a trash disc I’ll never use. Instant get rid of just buy the discs you want this mystery disc deal is a scam

Hey Joseph,

Sorry you didn't like the disc. I'm not sure what makes this a 'scam'. I sent you a Lucid Evader which is an $18 disc and the Mystery Disc is $15. What can I do better in the future on my mystery discs?

Thank you
Brad Trittin

Deja Desautell
Awesome pick!

I asked if it would be possible to get a midrange and i got a beautiful special addition paradox! Thank you!!

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Great Shipping

Great selection and great shipping price!!
I will be buying more plastic soon!! I didn’t care for the mystery disc.