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Mint Discs - Mustang - Eternal

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A straight flight mid-range that compliments the overstable Bobcat. Has that classic go-to mid shape, with a beadless rim, concave wing and rounded shoulder. Just pick a line and let the Mustang run free towards the basket.


Mustang Specs
Speed Glide Turn Fade
5 5
Stability: Straight-Stable
Weights: Max 178.5g
Rim Width: 14mm

Customer Reviews

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Captain Awesome
Not as overstable as numbers suggest

A really nice feeling, straight midrange. I love Eternal plastic (I putt with an Eternal Bullet) but I was looking for something overstable, with a bit more bite/torque-resistance than my MVP Reactor. The Mustang is definitely not that, despite the flight numbers. I’m rather shocked how straight it flies with 0 turn and 2 fade, and I don’t throw all that far (max out around 300ft both backhand and forehand).

The Mustang feels great and flies great, but I don’t think the flight numbers are accurate. Not sure it flies any different than a Hex or beat-in Reactor. I have ordered some Mint Bobcats to try for the overstable mid slot. Folks also suggested a DGA Quake.