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Kastaplast Stig - K1

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Kastaplast's Description:

The new Kastaplast Stig looks to be an amazing understable driver that has a place in every bag as a staple driver for a new player or a big turn over disc for the more experienced.

Stig Specs
Speed Glide Turn Fade
6 5
Stability: Understable
Weights: Max 175g
Rim Width: 16mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
D. Davis
Great mid-range disc

This disc seems to do it all. Its less stable and more glidey than the Kaxe Z, but you can turn it over, flex it, hyzer it, flare skip it with minor adjustments in throwing angle and speed. Its a great disc to have in the bag, or to participate in one disc challenges. I use it most for pushing hyzers where the basket is 180 to 220 away and slight dog legs left around obstacles.


Got it fast and package came in great condition! I highly recommend this company for all of your disc buying needs!!

Kurt Bayne
200? throws review

I bought a pink one, pretty max weight, in the tough champion or Z-Type plastic, I don't know what this manufacturer calls the plastic.
I am 68, 40 years experience, usually I throw 270' but can go over 300 some days. I will throw a mid-range about 240.
I am sort of looking for something like a tuned roc, but more durable plastic, and maybe going a little farther.
I think I read somewhere where people were trying to decide whether it was a mid-range or a fairway driver disc. In my opinion, for my arm, I would consider it more of a fairway driver, but I can see how someone that can throw 350 or 400 could consider this a mid-range.
I've thrown it side by side with a tuned roc and a 155g Saint. It definitely goes 30 feet farther than a roc. Also it goes farther than a roc even on short shots, like 180 or 200 feet, so I have to be careful not to be 30 ft long instead of 10 ft long with a roc. I've had similar problems in the past many years ago with the discraft comet.
Now I will compare it with a light saint, which I use when I feel like a noodle arm and my technique is not good and I just concentrate I'm throwing straight and four without much effort. It gives me the most bang for my throwing buck.
The Saint will throw 30 ft farther than this disc. But it is a little twitchier obviously.
A rather surprising thing about this disc is that I will throw a saint just perfect, looks great, and it floats and floats and maybe it goes 320. Then I throw an okay Stig and it doesn't look impressive at all in the air, and it goes 300.
In other words it doesn't look all that impressive in the air, but it can be sneaky long, Even if the glide number is not great.
I suppose you can maybe describe the "champion" stig disc as a dull champion leopard. I've had a lighter champion leopard tune in very nicely; I was good enough that I could use it pretty much like a straight mid-range plus 30 ft, but had a little less margin for error on the throw. I think the stig will tune similarly, but it will take longer to tune to my preferred stability.
I haven't had a chance to try this out yet, but it looks like this could be a great general purpose roller for me after it gets more understable, maybe good for rocky Forest courses. I am not Happy with the results of rolling sharper discs.
I remember a guy, I forget his name right now, who won the 1999 worlds with just three discs, a magnet putter, a comet mid-range, and a cyclone driver. I can see how someone could do well today with a putter, a stig, and a stable driver.
If I had to play a tournament with just one disc, and I had to play The same disk for the whole year, I would be tempted to play with this stig.

John Cates
Nice touch midrange

Big fan of the k1 and k1soft plastics. The Stig is a great addition to my bag.


This went into the bag immediately. It’s flight is so smooth, the feel in the hand is amazing, everything about this disc is fantastic!