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Kastaplast Stal - K1

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Kastaplast's Description:

This reliable fairway driver is stable enough to handle headwinds, without turning over or glide away for you. Trust the Stål for those critical shots when you need accuracy rather than max distance. Stål is Swedish for steel.

Suitable for: Experienced players, headwind and control shots.

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Stål Specs
Speed Glide Turn Fade
9 4 0 3
Stability: Overstable
Weights: Max 175g
Rim Width: 19mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Annalise Hicks
Great disc

came exactly as described, couldn't be happier!

Kasty Life

Kastaplast has slowly replaced alot of core players in my bag. The berg K1 soft became my go to putter, the Lots K1 has replaced my cd-2 roaming thunder ive used forever. And now the Stal has slowly booted my utility Felon bio fusion disc out my bag as well. Something about the Kastaplast plastic just feels absolutely amazing in your hands, grippy yet releases smooth, I’m Forehand dominate and the Stal can be thrown out with a reliable fade back in, or throw flex with a strong will to turn back over for those nice tight S lines for technical plays. Every kastaplast has been a great addition to my bag, Falk is on the way 🙌🏼

Jerry Downey
Nice addition

Very stable. Feels great out of the hand.


Super awesome! Get one!

Alex Szymanski
Overstable fairway to driver

The Stahl was a big surprise for my bag. This thing can glide for days. The stahl is an overstable fairway driver with a ton of glide with a great feel in the hand. This is an essential disc for my bag.