Kastaplast Reko - K1

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Reko Specs

Speed Glide Turn Fade
3 3 0 1
Stability: Straight-Stable
Weights: Max 176g
Rim Width: 10mm

Kastaplast's Description:

Reko has a comfortable rounded profile and a smooth bead, which fits most players’ hands. Easy to grip and easy to throw. It features a strengthened shoulder which adds a little extra durability compared to the average putter. Reko is Swedish for good, reliable or decent. The world needs more Reko.

Suitable for: Putts, approaches and hyzer-flip drives.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Earns a spot in the bag

Used to throw a beat in zero soft dagger as a driving putter and 150' in approaches but it had become too understanle to throw form the tee anymore. I only bag 8 discs and the reko has filled the spot the dagger used to hold. Still getting used to k1 soft, but like the consistent grip.

Rx John
Reko - the great

As with most Klastaplast disc this one is easy to grip and easy to throw. The plastic is nuts, any of it. I'm considering calling it the best overall plastics line from one brand. Every plastic they've got is spot on. The Reko is super straight and very accurate to the flight numbers. Good for all players. Strongly recommended that you check this disc out! As far as Nailed it, quality service and fast shipping! Nailed it disc golf is great! No problem recommending!

Joseph Mathews
Like always, amazing service!

I’ve been buying from these guys for a little bit now and it’s been great! Quality service and fast shipping! Nailed it disc golf is great! Would recommend!

Hey Rolld N
Great low powered straight flyer!

Kastaplast K1 is top notch! I love discs like this that are lower in speed but you just need it to go straight. Kind of like a slower speed Mako3 or Buzzz. The K1 Soft is extremely grippy and flexy which is my preference. This will turn hard to the right if thrown with power so keep that in mind (not quite roller, but on that fine line). I sometimes forget that I can’t crank this as much as I would a Buzzz but that is user error and not the discs fault.

Cameron C.
Bright green K3 reko

Feels great, really grippy but leaves its color on my other discs it comes in contact with. My first k3 disc not sure if that's normal..