Discraft Force - Z Line

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Force Specs
Speed Glide Turn Fade
12 5 0 3
Stability: Overstable
Weights: Max 175g
Rim Width: 23mm

Discraft's Description:

If you're throwing hard for maximum distance, reach for the high performance Force. This is Discraft's fastest overstable driver, with a wide rim and jaw-dropping glide that delivers a new level of distance potential. It's intended for experienced players who throw with power.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mo V.
Great wind fighter

I'm an intermediate player with medium speed arm and plan on using this disc for intentional hooks. I can put decent power on it and it will fly straight at the beginning then fade the second half of the flight. It's not very versatile for me but there's definitely times I need it. My disc came in big Z plastic which I thought would have been gripier, but it seems very durable. Also the cool Big Z stamp is a plus.

Huu Huynh


David Albers
Great overstable disc

Can count on this disc to turn for you. Great for force overs.