Discraft Athena - ESP
Discraft Athena - ESP

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Athena Specs
Speed Glide Turn Fade
7 5
Stability: Stable-Overstable
Weights: Max 177g
Rim Width: 18mm

Athena's Description:

The Athena is the sixth disc in the Paul McBeth line from Discraft. It is an all purpose fairway driver with a light end-fade. The Athena can be used when distance is not as important as landing in exactly the right position with excellent control.

Customer Reviews

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My Opinion:

*(For reference I live at 4500’)
Well, it is an easy disc to smash… first throw ( after warm up) was a touch over 388’. It was thrown flat. Not full power, just a smooth pull. I did get some slight turn out of her, which I feel contributed to distance. Not sure what she’d do on a full power pull…
It’s very comfortable in hand. To me, it’s like a slow Anax, which I throw often. Feels very similar, wing shape looks almost identical. For hyzer shots, it glides extremely well. It’s flips up slowly, and finishes softly, not dumping, but a pushing forward finish. Steeper angles yield a pure smooth hyzer for the entirety of its flight. But that’s expected. Haven’t tried any anhyzer’s and don not intend to.

All in all, a wonderful addition to my bag. Does what I need it to. I have two: one is 160-164g light pink/creamy swirl. The other is a purple/white at 167-169g. Neither are seasoned. But the lighter one has a noticeable amount of stability over the purple one. I dig them both, but the heavier ( purple ) one flies better for me. I enjoy this FD, and it will be staying in my bag as it’s very useful. Hopefully production runs will be the same as First Runs. When seasoned, I suspect it will be a perfect shot shaping disc, for any woods course, like my Anax has become. ( I throw a very mixed bag, I compared this to the Supreme Escape, TSA Construct and WSD Bear. All are similar, but Athena was exactly what I was missing… so she gets to stay. )

Just my thoughts.