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Discmania Origin - Neo

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The Origin is a slightly smaller diameter midrange which makes the maximum weight just 177 grams. Combined with the smaller rim, it is very easy to hold and can help give you great control on the course.

The -1 turn rating and 1 fade rating helps make this a very straight flying and controllable midrange. It is very accurate in short range shots, but can be a workhorse off the teepad.

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Origin Specs

Speed Glide Turn Fade
5 5
-1 1
Stability: Straight-Stable
Weights: Max 177g
Rim Width: 13mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Robert Rogers
Changed My Life!!

This disc allowed me to grow my first beard. It grew in nice and thick. All my friends are super jealous of this disc because of this unknown feature of the Origin. This disc does fly super straight with a nice slight turn, and will also hold any line. Have I mention how glorious the Origin made my beard??? It's so glorious, i created an onlyfans page for it. It's a great disc everyone should have in their bag.

Wes Takemoto
A Great Disc

Such a great disc! Shipping was fast and disc was very well protected. Thank you very much!

Kevin Kostka
Fantastic mid-range for everyone

This is a great stable-to-understable mid-range suitable for everybody. Good for beginners who need the understability and glide to counteracts beginner form for good, straight shots, useful for more advanced players who need turnovers, too.

Thomas Wimbish

Discmania Origin


Great disc very similar to Buzzz but holds anhyzer line better. Also can hold hyzer. Great plastic