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Discmania MD5 - 2023 European Open

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The 2023 European Open is fast approaching for what will surely pan out to be another nail-biting and thrilling finish, we’ve chosen to debut a disc that has created quite the stir of anticipation among the disc golf world, the reinvented MD5. Get your hands on an exclusive Prototype Metal Flake version created specifically to support this iconic event.

The MD5 is our most overstable midrange designed to give the trustworthy stable fade that players are looking for. Great for powerful hyzer lines, dependable flicks, and designed for optimal flight. This midrange has a beaded, low profile shape that allows it to feel comfortable in the hand and release smooth on every throw. The convex lower wing 
provides a surprising amount of glide for such an overstable disc, allowing the MD5 to fade further than other mid-ranges in its class.

MD5 Specs

Speed Glide Turn Fade
5 3 0 4
Stability: Overstable
Weights: Max 175g
Rim Width: 14mm

Customer Reviews

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Great Feel, Very Stable

I'm not a weak-armed thrower but also not power player by any means. I used to bag the original MD5 but put it away when it lost its over-stability. This disc is different from that one, and I like it a lot. The grip of the new plastic is amazing and is even good on a dewy morning. I'm having the same issue with my metal flake MD4 losing its stability now and am looking for its replacement. It's definitely not a replacement for the MD4 as I don't know that I can get it out past 250' but I don't think it's designed for longer throws, for me it's a scramble disc. This is my new get out of jail free card and it won't be leaving the bag anytime soon.