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Discmania MD3 - C Line

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The Discmania MD3 is a reliable and versatile midrange disc, which in its different weights can be used to fill all midrange needs of an average player. It has a sleek profile that is easy to grip even for those who have experienced problems with midrange discs before. You can rip this disc hard, which makes it perfect for controlled medium range drives too.

MD3 Specs

Speed Glide Turn Fade
5 5
0 2
Stability: Stable-Overstable
Weights: Max 181g
Rim Width: 14mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
M Harris (TX)
Great workhorse mid!

The new plastic is fantastic and very durable. Had a few skips off the concrete and the disc showed very little scratching along the rim.
The flight has a tick more stability in the end verses a Buzzz. On a low anny it holds the line to the last 10% of the flight where it flattens out where the Buzzz rides it all the way down. Thrown flat it has a very similar flight to the Buzzz with, again, a touch more low speed fade at the end.
We're talking 6-12' more on a flat throw. Now a huge difference unless you're playing in the woods and that is why I carry a Buzzz and an MD3.

Ken McBride
Excellent disc!

Love the disc, one of my favs. Excellent service and delivered quickly, thanks guys!

Rudi Weis
Killer Overstable Mid

My first Md3 was a freebie! When it went into a water hazard I kicked the trash can cussed pitched a fit like a baby. I purchased 2 after that. Crank it up on this disc and it flies like a driver. You can anhyzer it and watch it flex. Hyzer it and it will hold the line you release it on.

Parker Allen
Great Disc

Awesome disc. Awesome service.