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All Brands 7 Disc Mystery Box

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Nailed It Disc Golf's Description:

Looking to get 7 discs (3 Baseline, 4 Premium) below our already great prices and maximize your value? Look no further! We guarantee you will receive no duplicates of any one mold in each Mystery Box! Discs will be a fairly random selection of molds with $100 guaranteed value at our already low prices! With an average price of each disc at $11.43, this is the best deal on the website!

Note: No returns or exchanges allowed on Mystery Boxes or discs inside.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Michael MacDonald

Overall this was a quality mystery box. There is 3 discs I really like but there was a lot of putters and only 1 mid range I wish there was more mid range discs as those are the ones I throw the most


My husband got some really awesome discs! Will be getting more definitely worth it!

7 disc mystery box

Although its a gamble because you don't know what you'll receive, the box I received was definatly over a $75 value, so that's a win in my book, good mixture of disc's and brands, would recommend this deal for sure.

Harry Clayton
Mystery box disc

Very very solid mystery box made sure to make it with a good variety of disc!

Andrew Gemmill
Horrible box, although I asked for all mids and fairways. This is barely MAYBE $90 of retail.

Claims it’s $100 or more of retail but I didn’t see how. I asked for all mids and fairways. Got that but a lot of base plastic. A prime emac truth, a Discmania active genius, both I can’t use. A M model (prodigy china made) mid, can’t use. A Prodigy F5 176g which is beyond stable. I’ve thrown one in the past lighter weight so I can’t use this one either and it’s probably the nicest plastic in the box, Discraft missy gannon undertaker, the only one I might keep, Discmania Neo Origin. And last a Prodigy FX-2 300 plastic. Very disappointed. I’ve bought several discs from NIDG and have never been disappointed because they offer the best shipping rate but this mystery box is the worst I’ve experienced and have bought a few from Latitude and other online stores all with great results! There should have been more premium plastics and useable discs, now I have to buy a disc right out that I was hoping to get. Waste of time and money.

Hi Andrew,

I'm sorry that you didn't like your mystery box. I always hand pick them and add up each box to make sure that they reach the $100 threshold. I remember your box being $104 at current pricing. I did inform you before picking your mystery box that due to the request of only mids and fairways that it would severally limit my ability to pick different brands and that it would only consist of about 3 brands. And you did reply that you were ok with this. I also document every mystery disc (Both box and singles) to attempt that no customer receives a duplicate mystery disc with in the past year or so of orders.

Thank you