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Plastic Types

This page will help you understand the differences between all of the different plastics available!


MVP/Axiom/Streamline Discs

    • Electron: Electron is MVP's high-tech Baseline plastic. It is tactile in any weather conditions. Electron is designed to wear slowly with use which will allow it to have added glide and a more neutral flight. Electron is also available in soft and firm for putters.
    • Eclipse: Eclipse is MVP's premium GLOW material. Each Eclipse disc has a Proton core with the special Eclipse blend overmold that has high durability for a long consistent life. The Proton cores are transparent to allow disc lights to shine through so you can always find your disc! Also available in a soft flexibility for putters.
    • Fission: Fission is MVP's "bubble" or light weight plastic. There is micro sized bubbles in the core which allows about 85% of the weight to be on the rim. This makes each Fission disc fly similar to a disc that weighs 15 to 20 grams heavier. Get the added distance of a light weight disc with the stability of the max weight discs with Fission all while having the same durability of other premium blends!
    • Neutron: Neutron plastic is MVP's premium opaque plastic with bright easy to find colors. This plastic is similar to Innova's Star plastic. Neutron plastic provides the disc with a very neutral flight and does not sway the flight to overstable or understable characteristics. Neutron also shares the durability characteristics of Proton plastic with their extremely durable Overmold technology.
    • Plasma: Plasma has a metallic sheen on the core plastic that makes for very unique looking discs. It is semi-gummy and has more grip than Neutron or Proton but still has the durability of them. Plasma gives the disc have a slight dome which gives the disc more glide and introduces a small amount of understability. Some discs have color-shift properties.
    • Proton: Proton is MVP's Premium look and performance plastic. It is the most durable and designed to withstand the roughest conditions. It tends to make the disc perform slightly more overstable and comes in transparent candy colors. It offers a Transparent Optic™ Effect to improve visibility in low-light conditions. The Proton plastic cores have an Opaque Neon™ Neutron plastic overmold.

Dynamic Discs/Latitude 64/Westside Discs

    • Lucid/Opto/VIP: The perfect combination of polymers produce some of the most beautiful and durable plastic in disc golf. This translucent blend can take a beating and maintain the original flight characteristics of the disc for many rounds of disc golf. The Lucid/Opto/VIP version of a disc will be slightly more overstable than the Fuzion/Gold Line/Tournament version.
    • Fuzion/Gold Line/Tournament: Fuzion/Gold Line/Tournament combines the durability of Lucid/Opto/VIP with an advanced polymer to form a non-transparent blend of plastic. This plastic also provides players with additional grip.
    • Biofuzion: BioFuzion plastic is the by-product from a mixture of Lucid and Fuzion plastics that had blemishes or cosmetic flaws. Some of these discs may have specks of plastic, flakes, or other minor cosmetic flaws that will not affect the flight, performance, or durability of the disc.
    • Classic/Zero/BT: Trilogy's premium baseline plastic that provides excellent grip and more durability than baseline plastics. These plastics will wear in faster than the premium plastics but are excellent at grabbing chains! They are available in different stiffness ratings from Super Soft/Megasoft to Hard.