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Drift Specs
Speed Glide Turn Fade
7 5 -2 1
Stability: Stable-Understable
Weights: 155g-175g
Rim Width: 17mm

Streamline Discs' Description:

Drift into controlled shots off the tee or from the fairways with the new solo-mold driver from Streamline, the Neutron Drift! This Speed 7 driver is the first fairway driver in the Streamline fleet and continues the trend of stunning triple-foil stock stamps. The Drift is designed for laser straight lines ending with a gentle fade and an exceptional amount of glide, providing easy distance with this highly versatile driver. The Drift has a modest rim size, a slightly domed profile, and an easily activated turn for hyzer-flips or big turnover shots. The Drift will make its grand debut in Neutron Plastic, pairing perfectly with its bright opaque colors, durability, and grip. Be prepared to drift up the leaderboards with this easy-going fairway driver, Streamline’s Neutron Drift!

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Customer Reviews

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Exactly what I wanted and needed.


As always nailed it! Got my order out fast and correct. Always preorder through them, great staff always helpful. And as far as the plastic goes, if you don't throw MVP you should!!!! Really

Great service!

As always these guys hooked me up with amazing service. The disc was just as it was pictured and it shipped so fast. I’ll drop a actual disc review after I’ve had some more time with it.

Workable, Workhorse Fairway, 165g Neutron

Glide.....right from the first throw it's obvious that this thing has enough glide to go the distance, easy distance. I don't feel like I have to try very hard to get satisfying distance with the drift. As a RHBH player without a particularly useful forehand, this disc immediately went into my bag. For me, throwing the disc hard and flat I got a nice S-curve out of it, landing just about on the target line, maybe slightly right. If I throw it with a bit of hyzer it will flip to flat and have a fair amount (controllable amount) of fade at the end. Let it go on an anny, it will hold a sky anny forever, but if thrown on a lower line with anny you might have to back down a little bit to stop it from flipping. This thing is just so workable, and incredibly comfortable in the hand for me. It'll do left to right shots, tunnel shots, or long turnovers. Might not be the best into the wind. I was able to somewhat control it into a 10-15mph headwind, but it's probably not going to be my first choice for that. If you prefer a flat disc, this is NOT for you, it does have a fair amount of dome to it. Also of note, this run of neutron seems to be a bit tackier compared with my other neutron discs, and I love it.

how to throw accurate and far

My Flight Ratings 7/6/-1.5/1
Beginner Friendly

I had to share my experience with you on the drift. i am rhbh, and throw most discs on a hyzer. so understable discs are more my speed and bread and butter...

I would best describe it as a river and a leopard3 had a kid and the drift was born. lots of control, can shape different lines. and plenty of glide to cover ground. if thrown on an anny or flat will turn over and either hold it to the ground or turn into a roller. hyzer will flip up and go straight with some fade (can get some "s" turn on a steep hyzer in headwind) but does get squirrely in a headwind and turns over.

beginners or those with low armspeed will see it fly straight and have a gentle fade. it will cover great ground with the amount of glide it has.

I was throwing it in a field and was hitting 330ish consistently, with less effort than my distance drivers. i may end up dropping my dd's in favour of this disc for no wind, low wind or tailwind situations. (headwinds will still get a spark pulled). this is a great starter disc for those looking to move up from putters or mids.

other comparisons: a domey inspire that doesn't fight back as hard at end of flight, less stable river pro, shorter saint/escape, or a heat.