MVP Release Preorders - Mid-February

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Preorders are expected to start shipping around the middle of February. All preorders with other items will ship when all items are available.

Preorder Instructions:

You will NOT receive a disc that looks like the picture! Weight requests for special edition discs are not guaranteed! In the special instructions at checkout please provide a general color guideline (IE: bright colors, dark colors) so we can get a disc to you that you'll fall in love with at first sight! We will do our best to honor requests for color preferences.

MVP - Nomad - R2 Neutron - SE

From many, there is now one —the R2 Neutron Nomad SE is here! The first special edition in our eco-conscious R2 Neutron recycled plastic, the R2 Neutron Nomad SE is a stunning recreation of the one and only James Conrad from artist Michael Ramanauskas. Inspired by the act of recycling itself, Michael wove a tapestry of many lines into a striking image of our 2021 World Champion. You don’t see an SE this intricate every day — we hope you love this one as much as James did!

MVP - Orbital - Neutron - SE

Images from Trinity are processing now. Sir, you’re going to want to see this. It appears to be … a birdie! A group of satellites find the best sport on Earth in this Neutron Orbital SE from Ryan Advent. The Neutron Orbital SE will look great in any collection, but it’s also capable of massive anhyzers and insane rollers or hyzer flips — plus, it’s a great driver for lower power players! With the power of this Orbital SE on your side, you’ll be triangulating baskets in no time!

Mostly Electron, Mostly Mystery Box - Lab Second 10-Pack 

Our last mystery box of the season and it’s only partly a mystery. We’re excited to be offering the Mostly Electron, Mostly Mystery Box! This box has 9 — mostly Electron —  Lab Second discs inside, with a chance of other plastics, like R2 Neutron, making surprise appearances. In addition, we put the next great experiment from MVP R&D inside — a Prototype Eclipse Electron Envy will be in every box! Reminder, these are prototypes so variance in glow time is to be expected, but — mostly — expect an incredible disc! We spoiled some of the mystery, but the Mostly Electron, Mostly Mystery Box doesn’t play by the rules …  mostly. Grab one before they are gone!

To see the differences in each plastic please visit our Plastic Types page!

Overmold Technology:

The Overmold technology adds weight to the outside of the rim to increase rotational inertia. For more information please visit MVP's website.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Nicolas Demetris
Weight issues.

I ordered two of the SE waves because I like to have back ups, as we all lose discs from time to time. I was away from the house when the package was delivered, so I was very excited to come home from my trip and see the new plastic. To my great dismay, the discs sent to me were 153G and 163G. On a mold that already has a decent amount of understability, I was extremely disappointed. I feel like discs that light should only be sent to people who request them to be that light. On the pre-order, I specifically asked that the discs be as close to max weight as possible, and that’s what I got. Extremely disappointed. This is the first time I’ve had such and egregious issue with weight, but has made me extremely hesitant of ordering pre-orders from here again.

Hey Nicolas,

Sorry to hear you were disappointed on your preorder. I did check your preorder and there were no notes on preferences. I try to diligently meet everyone's requests when there are notes but that is still very difficult for numerous reasons. For special edition discs I have no control over the color or weights of any of the discs. For preorders with no notes I try to pick two discs with different colors and weight ranges. I hope you understand and I look forward to sending you more tree finders in the future.

Thank you and Happy Holidays

Keegan Swain

MVP Release Preorders - October

Matthew Kosier
Halloween Insanity

Great disc with great service from Nailed It. I have made multiple orders this year and have been more than satisfied with communication, service, and product from Nailed It Disc Golf.

Aaron H.

MVP Release Preorders - October

Ben E
Spooky round ready!

I purchased a glow reactor with the insanity and already have a glow envy, so I'm ready for winter nights! I was expecting the glow insanity to throw more like an Inertia, bit it flies like a perfectly worn Tesla! Not the slot I was expecting, but definitely one that I'm liking! As normal the glow is unparalleled even by kasta. I can play 3 or more holes and still easily see my disc down the fairway. As long as you don't slide under leaves, you're not going to loose this.