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Preorder Mystery Boxes here! They will ship on Nov 27th!

The first 500 Mystery Boxes will also contain (as a bonus item, in addition to the items listed in the box) any one of the following: 

5 - Watermelon  Rainbow Foil Seed Stamped Special Blend Envy

50 - Watermelon Silver Foil Seed Stamped Special Blend Envy

100 - Citrus Prism Proton Insanity

200 - Watermelon Prism Proton Pyro

145 - Rainbow Foil Lab Second Discs

These items will be selected at random and added as an additional item to the first 500 Mystery Boxes (total, across all 3 Mystery Boxes). 

After the first 500 boxes have been sold, all other boxes will contain one Holographic Foil stamped Lab Second disc.

MVP, Axiom, and Streamline Lab Seconds

MVP, Axiom, and Streamline discs have been hard at work molding products in house for a large chunk of 2019, and with that, we are able to offer our dealers and fans our very own Lab Seconds! Lab Second discs are the same premium quality products that we are known for, but these discs saw minor cosmetic imperfections that did not meet our quality standards and therefore were not released as stock products. As an example Lab Second products may contain small sinks, air bubbles, dimples, scratches, or smudges, etc.. These imperfections are generally cosmic only in nature, and should not disrupt the intended use of a product. 

This product will only be available via the Lab Second Mystery Box for the duration of the Holiday season.

Lab Second Mystery Box

An excitingly unique way to try out new products and fill up your stocking or your bag! The Lab Second Mystery box will contain 20 Lab Second quality discs. Each box is guaranteed to contain at least 10 different disc models made up of mostly premium plastic. 

Out of Production Mystery Box

Stock up on the last of the now Out of Production discs! Each box will contain 10 discs from the recently retired molds, all bearing a stock stamp. Each box is also guaranteed to contain at least 10 different disc models. 

Double Up Swag Pack Mystery Box

MVP, Axiom, and Streamline fans will find themselves decked out in their favorite items with this fantastic Mystery Box. Each box contains $200 worth of products, for only $99.95. Each box is guaranteed to have 1 of the following items: 1 Dye Sublimated Polo, 1 Special Blend Plasma Proxy, 1 ten-pack of Tri-Lite LED’s, 1 Event Horizon Basket Light, 1 Water Bottle, and 1 Black Hole® Micro. After that, each box will have a whole treasure trove of possible items from the MVP, Axiom, and Streamline catalogs, including but not limited to: Hats, Umbrellas, Nanos, Lanyards, License Plates, Bottle Openers, etc. 

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Still waiting no tracking number or nothing

still waiting on it

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Great discs quick shipping

Sweet disc, quick shipping

Pre order

Awesome products and always amazing picks to match as close to what I wanted for pre order!!


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