Kastaplast Svea

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Svea Specs
Speed Glide Turn Fade
5 6
Stability: Stable-Understable
Weights: Max 182g
Rim Width: 13mm

Kastaplast's Description:

This easy-to-use disc might be your secret weapon to perform the lines you need. However, don’t mistake it for a beginners only disc. Whenever you need massive glide, Svea will deliver. It offers a lower profile than our Göte midrange disc, making it suitable for smaller hands. Easy to grip and easy to release. Svea is an old Swedish name which is derived from the people of Svea Rike, later Sweden.

Suitable for: Low power throwers and whenever glide is needed.

Customer Reviews

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I Thought I Was Going to Love It

Nailed It is an excellent reputable company with super quick delivery at low cost. This disc was just not for made for me. Yet! So cool that Nailed It offers so many options of discs from many of the Swedish discs (outstanding technology) and other smaller disc companies to try.

I loved the plastic and the feel of the Svea. I believe it would be an excellent disc for beginners or people more skilled than me at controlling their speed of throwing, and technique. For me the Svea thrown like I throw almost all my other mids, was understable and kept going and finishing to the right on a right backhanded release, which never happens for me, unless I, attempting an extreme anhyzer. It was as if my noodle arm all of a sudden was just too powerful. I acknowledge my lack of skill is the main problem in not being able to adjust, and I gave up and went back to my go to mids like the TRUTH. I don’t have a great forehand for short approach shots that need to fade and finish right, especially in the woods, so actually this is a utility disc for me where I can throw a right handed backhand without having a good backhand anhyzer and get that result. Could be a 4 with more practice and skill.

Fast shipping and fair price

Simple as that

Great disc

Love the feel and flight on this one!

So much glide, such a pretty flight

Excellent low power laser beam. Give it more height and anhyzer and it will smoothly track right without burning over. K1 feels great in the hand. Plate isn't too deep and the rim isn't a funky shape or anything.

Great disc great company

Like so many others I am obsessed with kastaplast and this company is awesome and frequently has a better selection of their discs than other vendors do. Freight fast shipping and perfect Customer Support..