Kastaplast Berg

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Berg Specs

Speed Glide Turn Fade
1 1 0 2
Stability: Stable-Overstable
Weights: Max 175g
Rim Width: 9mm

Kastaplast's Description:

Berg is designed for distinct shots, where you don’t need to worry about the disc hoovering far passed the basket. The disc features an ergonomic thumb track which is prominent on the top side while not being noticeable at the bottom. This makes it feel very different from any other putter. Berg is Swedish for mountain.

Suitable for: Windy days, fearless putts and distinct approach shots.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
They Nailed it!

This is my second order and they have been consistent. You get what you want with cheap shipping

Berg K1 Glow

The Berg flies great and is such a beautiful disc. The groove fits the thumb perfectly and the rim’s modest height feels excellent in the hand. Plastic feels great. And the glow! Lights up the night. Could read a book in the dark by its light. This is a fun disc to throw and putt with, day and night!


Great all around putter

Great Putt + Approach Disc

This thing is as advertised by others. About as little glide as you can imagine on a disc. Feels great in the hand, putts pretty well, and is money for shots of 200 and in. Just goes as far as you throw it pretty much. Almost like throwing a brick, just falls wherever you throw it. And the K1 plastic is amazing and very unique. Glossy and semi translucent yet grippy and medium flex. Not floppy and not super stiff. So glad I got one of these.

Kastaplast Berg

Love this disc! I have two of them in K3 plastic. Super grippy in all conditions and wherever it hits it sits :) This is my top used approach & putt disc.