John Dorn Let It Bee Buzzz

John Dorn Let It Bee Buzzz

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The Story:

John approached us last year during Chili Challenge in Stevens Point (If you can make it I highly recommend doing so!) about doing a stamp. We started working on it in early January when he came up with this amazing idea. He mentioned how the issue off bees being killed world wide has been weighing on his mind heavily lately and asked if this would be an o.k. topic to go with and presented us with a rough draft of the stamp. Jenna and I immediately said absolutely! We also have been reading the articles and listening to local farmers at the farmer's market and shared his concern. Out of that concern we share this amazing stamp has came forth! We all couldn't be happier with it and hope you agree and to please spread the word about how much the bees help us survive and put food on our tables!

$2 from each Buzzz will be donated to The Honeybee Conservancy! If you would like to join us in our goal of helping save the bees click below to donate and learn more!

Click here to learn more and donate!

*Note: Each Buzzz is 177g+.*

Customer Reviews

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Great stamp but it rubbing off

Like tilte says stamp started to rub off after being pulled in and out of bag only twice. Kinda bummed.

Damn! We're sorry to hear that. This is our first experience with Supercolors. Perhaps we will make this a limited run in light of this. Thank you Kevin!
Let it Bee

Amazing disc , Amazing stamp and overall amazing service from Nailed It!

Let it Bee fission photon

Really nice looking stamp on a great, faded maroon colored disc- and for a very good cause!


John Dorn Let It Bee Buzzz

Beautiful art

Great collaboration with John dorn. awesome selection of discs. and fast shipping and wonderful customer service. Nothing but good things.