Discmania Tilt
Discmania Tilt

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20mm, disc, Discmania, Distance, distance driver, Evolution, Fade 6, Glide 1, Neo, overstable, Speed 9, Tilt, Turn 1


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Tilt Specs

Speed Glide Turn Fade
9 1
Stability: VERY Overstable
Weights: Max 175g
Rim Width: 20mm


The Tilt is a disc like no other. Specifically designed to suit Simon Lizotte's needs, this disc has been coined the "Simon's dream disc". This is the most overstable golf disc in the market. It may not be overtly versatile, but you can be sure it always fades hard, making it probably the most dependable utility disc in the market. 

Customer Reviews

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Alex C
Absolutely beautiful, completely ludicrous, meme disc

I already have a Stego, Crossbow, Justice, Deflector, Flare, and Slab, so I thought why not add another stupendously overstable disc to the roster. It's added a fun grenade type throw for me, and it's great for getting out of jail and laying down forehand rollers. Throwing upside down is hilarious. The Meta plastic is like Opto-X Chameleon. Looks great, feels great. The stamp by TSA is perfect. I got one to put on a shelf and one to toss and love them both.