Discmania Full Tilt
Discmania Full Tilt

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20mm, Creator Series, Distance, distance driver, Fade 6, Full Tilt, Glide 1, Lux Vapor, overstable, Simon Lizotte, speed 9, Tilt, turn 1


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Tilt Specs

Speed Glide Turn Fade
9 1
Stability: VERY Overstable
Weights: Max 175g
Rim Width: 20mm


The global phenomenon returns again with a second iteration in the form of Full Tilt. Simon’s Creator Series Tilt is not for the faint of heart. This disc is EXTREMELY overstable and just as fun to throw. Although it is designed for expert level players, everyone will enjoy creating brand new shot styles to help you navigate tricky spots and angle situations. Don’t get titled, make the disc do the work for you. This version is available in beautiful Lux Vapor plastic and brand new artwork for 2022. Find the perfect color for you and unlock the cheat code known as the Tilt.

NOTE: Swirls and colors may vary slightly from pictures.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Unlike anything else

If you're here, you know the Full Tilt is a different animal. Massively overstable, minimal glide, positive 1 turn and massive fade make this a unique disc. It's not one I throw regularly, but when you need it, it does things no other disc can do. Throw on a massive anhyzer (forehand or backhand) with a little height, and instead of crashing and rolling, it flips up to straight, then turns over, giving you a shaped shot that no other disc can pull off. I have a Full Turn Shortcut (4/1/1/4) which does the same stuff over much shorter distances. Between that disc, this one, and a Gateway Spirit, I can throw shaped hook shots over a variety of ranges. Also great for getting out of trouble - it does stuff overhead that's hard to duplicate. I initially bought one to shelf (purple with silver stamp) and one to throw, now I'm getting two more to throw, so I can master it while practicing, and deliver the goods on the course. There probably won't be many runs of this disc in the future, and it might be worth a lot used going forward (not betting on it, though - I'm buying it to use now, and any of that is just gravy).
Unless you're just learning the game, or are very happy making every shot a straight line backhand, get this disc, and someday you'll be happy you have it.

Alex C
Absolutely beautiful, completely ludicrous, meme disc

I already have a Stego, Crossbow, Justice, Deflector, Flare, and Slab, so I thought why not add another stupendously overstable disc to the roster. It's added a fun grenade type throw for me, and it's great for getting out of jail and laying down forehand rollers. Throwing upside down is hilarious. The Meta plastic is like Opto-X Chameleon. Looks great, feels great. The stamp by TSA is perfect. I got one to put on a shelf and one to toss and love them both.