Westside Discs Warship

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Warship Specs
Speed Glide Turn Fade
5 6 0 1
Stability: Straight-Stable
Weights: Max 180g
Rim Width: 14mm

Westside Discs' Description:

The Warship is our answer to the everyday players need for a midrange. Designed to be user friendly for all levels it holds a straight line and feels great in the hand. For faster arm speeds it will fly straight and will be very controllable. For lower arm speeds it will hold a straight line and finish to the left for right handed players and right for left handed players. The Westside Warship has a great float and flight and is our fastest midrange in our line.

To see the differences in each plastic please visit our Plastic Types page!

Customer Reviews

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All-Purpose Mid-Range

The warship is, hands down, my favorite mid-range disc. Save handling a headwind, this disc does it all for me. It has a tremendous amount of glide and almost fills a gap between mids and fairways too. With a flight release it will get a bit of turn with a very mild fade, landing flat. If you back-down a little bit it'll just go dead straight. Hit it hard with a bit of hyzer on release and for me it's dead straight, perfect for tunnel shots. A little bit of anny and it will hold it all the way to the ground. I carry a few of these in different weights/plastics for differing stability. VIP seems most stable with the most bite at the end, tournament starts similarly but beats in to be more neutral, and Origio/BT will have the most turn and mildest fade (and the best grip in the wet). If you don't have a warship in your bag, you're missing out!

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