MVP Teleport

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Teleport Specs
Speed Glide Turn Fade
14.5 5 -1.5 2.5
Stability: Straight-Stable
Weights: 170g-175g
Rim Width: 24.5mm

MVP's Description:

Introducing the first disc of the MVP 24.5mm high speed distance driver class, the Teleport, named for its ability to travel a great distance instantaneously!  The Teleport's straight-stable design produces a tight S-curve at high speeds, with plenty of stability to keep it headed toward its target.  While high power throwers and headwinds can produce these shallow turnover lines, average throwers will get a long and manageably resistant driver in the Teleport.  Within the context of the 24.5mm class, Teleport has the most distance potential for the most throwers in the core distance slot.

To see the differences in each plastic please visit our Plastic Types page!

MVP's Overmold Technology:

The Overmold technology adds weight to the outside of the rim to increase rotational inertia. For more information please visit MVP's website.

Customer Reviews

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The teleport flies very far, holds a slight anhyzer line for most the flight and a slight fade at the end. Very good disc, and very good service from nailed it disc golf

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