Latitude 64 Pure

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Pure Specs
Speed Glide Turn Fade
3 3 -1 1
Stability: Straight-Stable
Weights: Max 176g
Rim Width: 10mm

Latitude 64's Description:

Featuring a comfortable grip and slightly deeper rim than Spike, it will hold the line given to it on your approach shots. Pure is the second disc co-designed by Jesper Lundmark.

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Customer Reviews

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Zero Soft Pure

Picked up the zero soft pure to use for putting as I love my goldline for driving/straight upshots. I'm a spin putter, and for my personal preference I like a putter with a thinner feel. The flight is exactly what I wanted, but the rim is a little uncomfortable on the zeros. The mold release or parting line area is quite sharp initially, unlike my goldline. I'm hoping it wears down with more time.

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